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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Less than an hour's drive from the Davao international Airport, a 64 hectare estate can be seen along Davao-Mati Highway in Barangay Madaum, Tagum City famously known as the Hijo Resources Corporation otherwise known as HRC.

HRC is a Davao-based diversified corporation established in 1959 with business interests in Leisure & Tourism, Agribusiness, Property Development and Port Operations. It was the pioneer in the cultivation and exporting of Cavendish bananas to Japan and also owns the International Hijo Port which has two (2) operating berths, a controlling depth of 13 meters, warehouse facilities, and storage tanks. It also provides stevedoring and arrastre services and continues to produce agricultural products like bananas, coconuts and selected fruits. As part of its leisure and tourism development, HRC operates the Lanikai, Barret Beach Resort, Banana Plantation and Wildlife Tours.


It is considered as Davao’s ultimate very private playground where guests can relax in the modern comfort of their rooms designed in plantation-style elegance. In Lanikai, visitors can indulge their recreational whims in tranquil seclusion away from the busy metropolis. But it will not be difficult for the guest to keep in touch with the world because the place is a WiFi Hotspot and is set within the privately guarded estate of the sprawling Hijo Plantation in Davao Del Norte. Lanikai’s extensive playground stretches to a lush private forest, the Madaum River and the Davao Gulf where visitors can also enjoy and be thrilled with wide array of outdoor activities that will revitalize their weary spirits like swimming, sailing, kayaking, fishing, motorcycle riding, camping and soon to be established trekking. They say that a Lanikai vacation is

a well-deserved treat that can recharge one’s soul before returning to a hectic lifestyle.

By the way, Lanikai offers customized packages and is strictly by reservation only and If you are wondering what is the word Lanikai is, it was culled from a Hawaiian term for “heavenly waters”, which most likely describes what you feel when you’re staying in the place.


Barret Beach is the only resort located near the heart of Tagum City and the best beach resort the city can offer. It has 9 Casitas, 4 big huts, 12 small huts and 10 tables that is located inside the private gates of the Hijo Plantation. Due to the

Private Professional Security Group of Hijo Resources

Corporation, the Barret Beach is considered as one of the safest and most secure resorts in the Region.


It was not known to many, Tagum City through the HRC has privately preserved a forest in Barangay Madaum that is home to wild pig , monkeys, and deer that freely roam within the forest. A tour of the forest is exclusively available to the guests billeted at the Lanikai Resort.

The tour includes a perimeter survey of the forest where many packs of Philippine macacs (monkeys) reside. Guests might get to witness how the monkeys take the young coconuts from the trees and open them for food. Wild pigs will also be lured into the open by putting coconut meat, their favorite food, in a glade. For shutterbugs, a hunting blind will be setup near the feeding area for better angle and photo opportunities. After the boar watch, guests will trek to the firing range where light snacks will be served while enjoying the natural beauty of the forest.

Another private enjoyment known as Twilight Safari will be offered to the guests of Lanikai that will begin at 6 o’clock in the evening. Most wild animals are considered nocturnal therefore they tend to be more active during night time. It is a unique tour because it requires patience as there will be no feeding of the boars or monkeys. Guests will park at the edge of the forest and wait for the animals to come out and forage. Children can ride on the back of the pickup truck for a better view of the animals when they appear. Sometimes wild tarsiers can be seen also in the lush forest of Hijo.

According to some visitors, Lanikai is indeed a little Bali in this part of the world. For bookings and inquiries HRC can be reached through the following contact numbers: In Manila look for Mr. Guinto at Tel. Nos. (+632) 633-5980 / 633-5972, Fax No. (+632) 633-1690. In Davao look for Ms. Rubi at Tel. Nos (+6382) 297-8107 to 08, Fax No. (+6382) 298-0751. In Tagum, look for Mr. Templa at (+6384) 400-3358.


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