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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Biggest and Heaviest Rosary

Ecotourism is one of the prime mover in the tourism business and most of the places have something to tell or be proud of as regards to ecological tourism aspect. Our city of Tagum is not "naturally endowed" in comparison with other places in the Philippines. We have no lakes, caves, waterfalls and other scenic spots for visitors to gaze but our city government is doing something to compensate our "weakiest link". We have something unique to offer to visitors of the city and one of that is our Rosary.

I tried to search the Guiness Record and it gives me zero result, the mere Rosary doesn't generate any result at all. Maybe nobody still claims to the throne of being the biggest, longest and heaviest rosary of the world, but i see some few pics from flickr that are big rosaries too.

The Rosary is located at the back of our Christ the King Cathedral which took 12 years to build from the donations of the parishioners. It stands in a two hectare lot situated in the southern part of the city, approximately 55 kilometer north of Davao City. The heirs of the late Dr. & Mrs. Juan Gonzales donated the land to the Diocese of Tagum.

At the back of the cathedral is the soon-to-be-famous Rosary - a project of the Knight of Columbus – Christ the King Parish.

It has a length of more or less 100 meters and is made of Magcon
o (Iron Wood), an indigenous hardwood that is native to the hinterland of Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province and the adjoining mountain range of Davao Oriental.

This is the back portion of our Cathedral, fronting the Giant Rosary. People from all over the Philippines never miss the chance of visiting this place maybe because predominantly people from this part of the world are Roman Catholics. The single bead or each bead is weighing approximately 35 kilo grams attached to a chain.

If you want to pray the Rosary, all you have to do is touch the bead s and walk beside it one at a time until such time that you have done praying. We also have a mini station of the cross beside the church for the parishioners.

A must-see place when you visit Mindanao, just go to Davao a
nd an hour ride will lead you to our place - Tagum City, where development is in harmony with nature.

See for yourself, walk through it and feel the holiness of the place. Thanks to ericclarksu for the nice picz in his flickr.

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