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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bouncing Baby Pupz

Last June 14 our preggy dog pyser (An askal, short for Asong kalye or Aspin, short for Asong pinoy) finally delivered 7 pups. Four of them were males and three females. Bookings from our neighbors wanted to own one flooded right away after they have seen all the doggies. We tried to transfer them because their mom (pyser) created a hole in the ground and used it as its nest. (Just like a rabbit or a fox). We are afraid the pups will be drowned because its rainy season and the hole might become well. By the way we pick the best pup, a black with white or a white with black skin, i don't know but one thing is certain, that my daughter zoe already blessed the pup with a name, Aaron. I tried to ask her why and she confidently answered that she's going to miss one of her classmate in the afternoon session in kinder 2 named Aaron because we transfered her in the morning.session. This is the first day that my daughter is wearing his uniform in school.

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